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Bachelor of Business Administration 1 International Business

Intutulé du cours Computer sciences
Crédits 6
Période S1 du 12/09/2016 au 13/01/2017
Type de cours Obligatoire - Cours Magistral 24h00, Travaux Dirigés 12h00
Niveau de cours introduction
Objectifs du cours - Introduction: Invention and development in the field of Computer technology, Components of computer, Digital and Analogue Information ,Processing and data storage, Digital Information and Boolean Algebra, Truth tables for AND, OR and NOT Digital Information types of Gates, Symbols and Operations of Gates - Handouts & notes: Installation, Partitions, Introduction to Windows, Fedora, Linux. Features and working with Excel, word, power point Word 2010Advanced ; Understanding computer simulation
Prérequis Niveau : Equivalent baccalauréat
Contenu du cours This course encloses the concept and applications of computer technology in the field of business mathematics and statistics. We will study about digital information systems in the field of computer technology, Installation of different programs, windows, fedora and Linux. After attending this course student will able to work with office, MatLab and C++.
Références bibliogaphiques De référence - Word 2010 Advanced by Stephen Moffat
Méthodes d'enseignement cours magistraux , travaux dirigés
Méthodes d'évaluation Évaluation continue
Langues d'enseignement ANGLAIS
Lieux Angers