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Bachelor of Business Administration 1 International Business

Intutulé du cours Mathematics
Crédits 6
Période S1 du 12/09/2016 au 13/01/2017
Type de cours Obligatoire - Cours Magistral 24h00, Travaux Dirigés 12h00
Niveau de cours introduction
Objectifs du cours Introduction of functions Explanation of exponential and logarithmic function; log and linear form Trigonometry The S notation and Partial fraction Conic sections Parametric equation, polar coordinates ; graph in polar coordinates Basic rules for handling vectors Introduction of matrices, properties of matrices; determinant and inverse of a matrix; system of linear equations, matrix representation and solution of the linear system.
Prérequis Niveau : Equivalent baccalauréat
Contenu du cours Upon completion of this course, a student is expected to be able to develop a basic understanding of linear and nonlinear functions; an understanding of graphical representation of functions; basic concepts of matrices and vector analysis; basic analysis of sequences and series; an understanding of conic sections, parameterization and their graphical analysis.
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Méthodes d'enseignement cours magistraux , travaux dirigés
Méthodes d'évaluation Évaluation continue
Langues d'enseignement ANGLAIS
Lieux Angers