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Bachelor of Business Administration 2 International Business

Intutulé du cours Business Ethics
Crédits 6
Période S4 du 16/01/2017 au
Type de cours Obligatoire - Cours Magistral 24h00, Travaux Dirigés 12h00
Niveau de cours intermédiaire
Objectifs du cours Why study business ethics? Why should a business be ethical? Conflicting views on ethics in business, from “ethics costs” to “ethics pays” to “ethics counts” How has the concept of ethics in business evolved up to now and where is it heading? The corporation: a “moral entity” Ethical decision making from the perspective of the employee, from the perspective of the manager Ethical decision making from the perspective of the corporation What kind of “moral compass” can be developed for the corporation?
Prérequis Niveau : L1
Contenu du cours Through completion of this course, a student is expected to develop an understanding of: - The fundamental importance of ethics in business - How the concept of “business ethics” is evolving in today’s world - The different perspectives of ethical decision making, from the points of view of the employee, the manager, and the corporation - The importance of corporate social responsibility - The “triple bottom line”
Références bibliogaphiques De référence - Value Shift by Lynn Sharp Paine, McGraw-Hill
Méthodes d'enseignement cours magistraux , travaux dirigés
Méthodes d'évaluation Examens écrits ou examens oraux , Essai, étude de cas, dossier
Langues d'enseignement ANGLAIS
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